Old New EP

by Morgan Holland

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released November 3, 2010

All songs by Morgan Holland

Produced by Chris Ayer
Recorded and mixed by Greg Mayo
GnM Studios, New York

Morgan Holland: Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, Vocals, Background Vocals, Percussion (Stomps & Claps)

Matt Simons: Piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, B3 Organ, Background vocals, Arrangements

Chris Anderson: Upright bass, Hofner Bass, Background vocals, Percussion

Stephen Chopek: Drums, Percussion

Greg Mayo: Electric Guitars, Piano, Music Box, Electric Bass, Percussion, Background Vocals, Whistles & Vocal Tuba, Arrangements, Engineer, Mixing

Chris Ayer: Producer, Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Background Vocals, Vocal Trumpet & Clarinet

Mastered by Alex McCollough and Jim DeMain YesMaster Studios, Nashville



all rights reserved


Morgan Holland Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Subway Love
You’re standing next to me
And looking at our reflection
One could make the speculation
That we’d make a good match

Only I don’t know your name
Or where you’re from,
If you’re any fun
Or if you’re a good catch


You can be my subway love
No one needs to know but us
As this train carries us above

You can be my subway love
Full of mystery and fun
Suspending our world
For a while

Maybe it’s the rock of this car
That puts these feelings in my heart
I can’t help but glance
Every time I get a chance

Maybe it’s the time that we spend
At the days beginning and end
If we’re lucky
It all starts over again



But you will never know
How I admire you
And I will never know
If I’d grow tired soon
And as these double doors part
I’ll go mine,
And you’ll go yours

Track Name: Breaking
You could swallow me whole
This I already know
And I could walk away
But I won’t, no I won’t not today

But it’s all too familiar
Reaching for a stone pillar
That’s not even there—
So you don’t know to care

But I keep breaking my own parts
Even before you can get a start
I guess it’s easier to mend in the dark
If you’ve fallen alone

You keep me here
Cause you like to know that I’m near
And I stick around
Out of fear of what I have found



I hate finding the bad in people
So I find the fault in me
I go back and trace the ways that I
Didn’t seem to fit into your days

Last chorus

You look me in the eye
To make sure I'm still on your side
And I continue to lie
And hope it all subsides
Track Name: Squeeze
It starts in my stomach
Then up into my lungs
Over to the beating left
Into the very drum

It’s not how I pictured it
It probably never will
Yet we all keep going on
Moving till we’re still

And I'm squeezing
All my muscles
cause I don’t have control
And I am learning slowly
Just how to--
Let go, let go

Uncertainty follows me
We both feel lost, wandering
Until we reach, the winding stream
Who shows us we’re just living

So steady and full of grace
How do we grow to tolerate
Both the joys and the heartbreak
And still wake up to face the day


It starts in my stomach
Then up into my lungs
Track Name: OldNew
Your hands barely move
Your feet shuffle along
You stare out the window
Think of how the days have gone

Fifteen years alone
After fifty together
I know you meant it
That day you said forever

It’s the space between
Turn the valley green
It’s the ways unseen
That teach us how to weep
It’s the place that we dream
That bring us peace

You put yourself to bed
In the very same place
Hope if you stay still enough
You’ll get to see his face

Will he be a young lad
Like the night you first went dancing
Or will he be older
Granddaughter on his shoulder


Another round
Though this here calendar
Better mark the dates down
All we can do is remember
All we can do is remember

Track Name: Sleep Song (You Are Loved)
The days been long
And the night settles in
You’ve been strong
We do the best that we can

When your body is tired
And your mind is weak
Let yourself retire
The voices that speak

Even if you don’t believe
In anything else
Butt the stars above
Our uncertain selves
As you’re drifting off to sleep
Please know—that you are loved…
You are loved

Let the hurt slip away
You can do no harm this way
Let stillness take its place

You can’t change moments past
Or predict the futures plan
Trust that where you are
Is right where you should stand

Right now it’s time
To let the sandman dance


Rest so you can live
And wake to then forgive
Be-friend-ed shadows
Can never, never win


Take comfort that the day is done
The morning light it will come
In the mean time know…
That you are loved, you are loved…
Track Name: Feel Okay
I’m gonna smile
At all the frowns
I’m gonna bless
All the sneezes
In the town

Cause baby we’re all trying
To get through the day
Baby, We all want to feel okay

I’m gonna let you cut
When I’m waiting in line
And if you start to fret
I’ll say don’t worry,
Its fine

Cause baby we’re all trying
To get through the day
Baby, We all want to feel okay

And usually
When people are, grumpy
It’s got absolutely nothing
To do with you and me

Maybe, if we try to take it easy
and a little less personally
Just keep breathing

I'm gonna laugh
At the poor man’s jokes
I’m gonna forgive
The impatient folks

Cause baby we’re all trying
To get through the day
Baby, We all want to feel okay
Track Name: Bonus Track
I still believe
But I'm finding it harder
A tiny flicker
In the corner of my heart

I still believe
But I'm finding it harder
So I won't waste time
Trying to explain